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UX Copy Redesign for Revieve Skincoach App

UX Copy Redesign for Revieve Skincoach App


Revive is a B2B Digital Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform that partners with beauty brands/retailers to deliver personalized digital brand experiences powered by AI/AR through diverse product offerings of which Skincoach is a part.


Skincoach is a skincare app that helps consumers achieve their skin goals. Skin Coach provides personalized education based on a user’s current skin metrics, the progress they are making, and their skincare routines.


The client tasked me with reviewing and redesigning the in-app content and its flow to make it more engaging for the end-user yet still explaining all the relevant information to get started.


  • My role: Freelance UX writer
  • Stakeholders: Product Marketing Manager 
  • Timeline: 5 days


Consumers get overwhelmed when buying skincare: so many options and information. Also, seeing skincare results takes time, and it’s challenging to stay motivated using the products and waiting for the results. This app solves all those pain points.


Communicating skin coaches’ expert advice in a personalized, reliable, and friendly manner would give the user exactly what they seek; an expert companion through their skincare journey, basically like having a dermatologist in their pocket without the endless online search.


Upon reviewing the brief, I knew this was a very empathetic project as skincare is a sensitive topic. I needed a deeper understanding of the users’ challenges to draw an empathy map before penning a word.


Defining the product principles and its users

I was positioned to a good start with well-developed product principles that outlined Skincoach as follows:


A coach dermatologist background specializing in skin care knowledge. Expert and supporter. A companion in the skin care health journey. Someone the user trusts, believe in, and will look for advice before asking google.


Engaging, encouraging, expert, enthusiastic, able to connect with people, knowledgeable and present. 


Communicating skin coaches’ expert advice in a personalized, reliable, and friendly manner would give the user exact


  • I drew an Empathy map using the already available User feelings/insights to highlight their desires further so our messaging will be timely at every step of the flow.


  • I wrote copies for the onboarding, ongoing, and FAQ flow in a humanizing tone that created the right conditions for learning and prioritizing important and relevant information).

UX Copy

Due to the nature of this project, I can’t showcase the entire flow. However, you can visit revieve to book a demo.

My challenges?

During this project, I had to embody two personalities – An educator (skin coach) that educates, motivates, and recommends a healthy skin lifestyle easily and understandably and that of the users.

Secondly, as an AI/AR technology-powered platform, they were lots of technical jargon I had to simplify for users while maintaining relevancy.

My conversation mining process played a role in this part as I didn’t only simplify language but also presented them in a term the users were familiar with.

Content Testing

Due to the nature of the contract, I shipped the copy back to the product marketing manager for testing. In her words, “it was exactly what the team needed.”



The Copy was submitted within the given timeline, and the stakeholders were satisfied.

If it were within my capacity I would measure performance through the following metrics:


  • Number of signups
  • Traffic & repeat traffic
  • Engagement – shares, reviews, etc
  • Call to action – Inquiries, conversions, etc.


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