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SEO + UX Copywriting for Stovoo App & Web

SEO + UX Copywriting for Stovoo App & Web

Product Overview

StoVoo is a food service & delivery app bringing people and food together in an engaging, fun & exciting way. With features & earning opportunities you would not find anywhere else.


SEO and UX copywriting for Stovoo’s App and Landing Page.

  • My role: Freelance UX writer
  • Stakeholders: Client
  • Timeline: 2 weeks

Stovo's Persona

Stovoo merges food tech with Edu-tech in creating a platform that caters to all users and their unique personalities through food. For the food lover who wants to order meals based on their mood, the cuisine creator who is passionate about making tasty meals, the recipe curator who loves to DIY, and the rider who wants another source of income delivering food.

As a modern food tech disruptor, Stovoo is unique and classic, with an exciting and reliable tone.


The food delivery industry seems saturated but they all feel like the same thing no fun & interactive ways for users to find what they want & no other value addition to vendors that onboard the platform, they all feel like a bunch of recycled templates.

Product goals (solution)

Stovoo has a list of exciting and unique features that reduces the food delivery network’s complexity and adds more value to users. 


  • Quantitative research to profile the users according to their demographics, Psychographics, pain points, desires, and motivations.


  • Created a user empathy map highlighting their pain points, goals, and desires.


  • Created a before and after transformation grid as an acceptance criterion of when a user’s goal is met.


  • Created a winning content strategy defining the mission statement, goals, key message, and a content map that overlaps the user intent and journey per time.


  • Created a voice chart highlighting the product principles and other aspects of voice; concepts, vocabulary, verbosity, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.


  • Created clear, concise, and compelling copy across about 300 screens highlighting and communicating Stovoo’s principle in line with users’ goals per feature.


  • Wrote an SEO-optimized landing page to help users find the app on the web.

Landing page

Onboarding flow

Sign up form

Other screens

The project is still in the Beta phase so I can’t showcase the entire flow.

My Challenges?

I faced some conflicting challenges between good UX principles and business needs. 

For the onboarding, I was instructed to target all three users on the first screen, while subsequent screens should only focus on the end customers.

Well, UX writing is all about solving challenges. And after some brain work ( as seen in my approach above), I found a way to solve the “all-in-one-screen challenge.”

Weirder than fun fact:

I label everything with a personality.

My solution?

Tagline –  “Food, Groceries, and Tasty Notes in your Pocket. Food and groceries to target users who came to the app to order and “tasty notes” for the vendors and riders.

Tasty notes seemed like the perfect word because notes doubled as a culinary and financial word.

Content Testing

Because it felt right, wasn’t enough as I didn’t want to sound smart at the expense of the users.

As UX writers, our words aren’t there to be appreciated rather to help the users achieve their goals – a plus if it makes them smile anyway.

So I turned to the quick guerrilla testing method during which my participants confirmed their understanding of the phrase, with comments like “very catchy”.

For my participants: I relied on the statistics I gained during my audience research. Statista states that 28.4% of people who use food delivery apps regularly fall into the 25–34 age group. So I ensured the test participants and target users fell within this age bracket.

Finally I branded the term “Stovoo Switch” for users to know they could switch experiences, as customers,  vendors or even riders as they wish.


Although the client prefers not to reveal too much at this stage, stakeholders were pleased with my ability to come up with the right copy on a tight deadline.

You can visit Stovoo to book a demo or read about them in the news techcabal.

Thanks for your time

Please let me know how I can help you overlap your business and users’ goals through sustainable UX copywriting. 

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