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Effective Emails

Product-generated Emails


Schoolmo is a SaaS School Management System used in managing classrooms, collating results, collecting payments, and managing student and staff information.

  • Goal: The goal was to generate sign-ups for Schoolmo’s software.
  • My role:  UX copywriter
  • Stakeholders: Product owner, Email marketer
  • Timeline: 3 days


The product owner already had emails from the decision makers in the schools he wanted as users of his school management system. However, this would be the first email he’ll send to them. 
I had initially suggested that we send a welcome email before introducing the product, but there were time constraints as the new school term was to begin the following week. 
So, how do we warm our way through a cold audience? While providing value without coming off as salesy?




To begin, I put on my strategic cap. I classified the owners of these emails as “cold leads” as they may have never heard of the SchoolMo school management system before. So my copy had to warm its way through – with an emotional tie.

Some questions I asked myself were:

  • Why would a user need this free offer? Free is not enough. Most B2B SaaS products often offer freemium trials, so it isn’t a new practice.


  • How useful or timely is the offer?


  • What would make SchoolMo stand out?


After this brainstorming session, I realized that to sound more personal, I needed to form an emotional tie with the users to show we aligned more with their goals.

The answers to these questions served as my basis to research more profoundly about our target users ( school administrators).

To understand what matters most to them (not just us). After all, a product is said to be successful when users and business goals align – vis a vis.

Diving deeper

After in-depth research on the target audience ( school administrators) to understand their real pain points, I learned that they constantly undergo “pressure” to meet students, parents, and societal demands to remain relevant in the educational ecosystem. Pressure here encompasses administrative duties, quality education, etc.

Being a problem-aware audience, they know of these problems but probably lack enough information on their solutions.

Compare and Contrast

After understanding their pain points, I returned to my drawing board to cross-examine the USP and benefits Schoolmo has that meet these criteria.

  • Schoolmo is a Robust School Management System helping schools automate administrative processes easily.


For this reason, I leveraged time and technology as the USP to form an emotional tie with the target users.


Being cold leads, for the subject line and preview, I used curiosity and urgency as cliffhangers while leveraging their preparation for “a new term.”

In the email, under the hero section, I hit upon the free access right away, which is pivotal to the success of this product campaign. 

I opened with a personalized line that immediately showed we understood the primary pain school administrators faced to win trust before presenting the solution.

Using famous quotes in a storytelling approach, I linked our goals together using technology – which is the one solution we all undeniably need.

I used a data-driven approach with curiosity in the call-to-action to back up the time-saving claims.

Lastly, I collaborated with the designer on strategy so the graphics and copy would align.

Email copy

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